Tips for Proper Clothes Care

Keep Your Clothes Looking Fresh

Clothes care is a crucial component of making your wardrobe last longer. With a few simple tips, you can keep your clothes looking and smelling fresh for years to come.

Sorting Clothes

Sorting your clothes can help prevent any damage to your delicate fabrics. Ensure that you separate the darks from the whites and the delicate fabrics from the heavier fabrics. This way, your delicate fabrics won’t get damaged by the friction caused by the heavier fabrics.

Washing Clothes

Always follow the care instructions on clothing labels and wash clothes in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Try to avoid washing clothes in hot water as it can cause the clothes to shrink. Use fabric softeners as they help keep the fabrics soft and prevent static. Avoid using too much detergent as it can leave residue and cause skin irritation.

Drying Clothes

Avoid using high heat settings when drying your clothes as it can cause the clothes to shrink or fade. Line drying is a preferred option as it helps keep the fabrics in good condition and prevents any damage. Always ensure clothes are completely dry before storing them.

Ironing Clothes

Ironing your clothes can leave them looking smooth and wrinkle-free. Check the fabric label before ironing clothes, and use the appropriate temperature setting. Use a pressing cloth on delicate clothes to protect them from direct heat.

Storing Clothes

Store clothes in a clean, dry, and ventilated space. Ensure that you fold clothes neatly and store them correctly. Use padded hangers for delicate clothes as wire hangers can damage the fabric. When packing clothes away for the season, ensure they are clean and dry before sealing them in vacuum storage bags. By following these simple tips, you can keep your clothes looking great and lasting for years to come.