Month: June 2022

Iconic Figures

Sustainable Fashion: A New Way Forward

Why Should We Care About Sustainable Fashion? The fashion industry is a major contributor to environmental issues such as pollution and waste. Fast fashion, which refers to inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers, has a significant impact on the planet with textile waste, chemical pollution, and carbon emissions. However, the concept of sustainable fashion […]

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Trend Forecast

Moscow Fashion Week

Discovering the Newest Trends in Moscow Fashion Week 2021 Moscow Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated fashion events in Russia and the world. Every year, designers from all over the country gather in Moscow to showcase their latest collections. In this year’s Moscow Fashion Week, held from April 21st to 26th, designers brought […]

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Garment Care

Street Style Around the World

The Best Street Style Trends from Around the World Street style has become a major player in the fashion game, with influencers and fashion enthusiasts alike showcasing their personal style and setting the trends for seasons to come. From New York to Tokyo, street style is everywhere and each city offers a unique twist on […]

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