Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

The Hottest Spring/Summer Fashion Trends of 2022

It’s time to start thinking about refreshing your wardrobe for spring and summer. This year, we’re seeing some exciting new trends that will add some fun and flair to your closet. Here are the hottest spring/summer fashion trends of 2022:

Bright Colors

Gone are the days of wearing muted tones. This year, it’s all about bold and bright colors. Think electric blue, fuchsia, and neon green.

“Grandma” Florals

Florals have been a staple in spring/summer fashion for years, but this year we’re seeing a new take on the trend. “Grandma” florals are on-trend, meaning larger floral prints that resemble vintage wallpaper.

Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves are back in a big way. Whether it’s on a blouse or a dress, this trend adds some drama and femininity to any look.

Bermuda Shorts

Move over mini shorts, bermuda shorts are the new must-have. They’re shorter than a typical pair of shorts but longer than a mini, making them perfect for a range of occasions.

Loose-Fitting Pants

Skinny jeans have had their moment, and now it’s time for loose-fitting pants to shine. Look for wide-leg pants or flowy culottes.

Chunky Sneakers

If you thought sneaker culture was over, think again. Chunky sneakers, also known as dad sneakers, are still going strong. Pair them with your favorite dress or skirt for a fun and unexpected look.

Belted Outerwear

Outerwear doesn’t have to be boring. This year, we’re seeing a lot of belted coats and jackets. This trend is not only stylish but practical; it will cinch in your waist and add some shape to your silhouette. These are just a few of the spring/summer fashion trends to look out for this year. Which ones will you be trying?