Discover Moscow’s Top Stylists

Get Your Style Game Strong with Moscow’s Best Stylists

Moscow is truly a fashion capital with an impressive range of fashion designers, style icons, and boutiques that have caught the eyes of many fashion enthusiasts worldwide. It is no wonder why the city is home to some of the world’s most talented fashion stylists. Whether you’re looking for a wardrobe makeover, an outfit for a special occasion or merely trying to keep up with the latest trends, the stylists in Moscow are here to help. Here are our picks for Moscow’s top stylists:

Evgeniya Fedotova

Evgeniya Fedotova is a distinguished stylist renowned for her unique fashion sense and distinct personal style. She has worked with some of the most accomplished fashion brands globally and has a long list of high-profile clients from all over the world. Known for her attention to detail, Evgeniya’s style advice is guaranteed to make you stand out.

Marina Zaretzki

Marina Zaretzki’s unique taste has garnered her a reputation as one of the top stylists in Moscow. Her extensive experience in the fashion and beauty industry has made her an expert in style and beauty, leading her to work with magazines like L’Officiel and Vogue. Her ability to mix high and low-end fashion is impressive, and she knows how to embrace different body types and unique styles.

Viktoria Andreyeva

Viktoria Andreyeva stands out as a versatile stylist with a unique style that combines chic and effortless looks. Her personal style is evident in her styling techniques. She is skilled in blending various textures, prints, and patterns while still creating harmony and balance that bring a sense of elegance to any outfit.

Tamar Shavgulidze

Tamar Shavgulidze is an experienced stylist with an impressive portfolio and has worked with many fashion icons. She is famous for her ability to transform any style and enhance a client’s unique fashion sense. Her customized styling sessions aim to empower clients to embrace their personal style and confidence. Conclusion: The fashion in Moscow is a true reflection of its modern, cosmopolitan city, and there is no shortage of stylists in Moscow who can help you express your style. These are just a few of Moscow’s top stylists who have stood the test of time with their work and are appreciated by their clients. With the help of these experts, you can take your style game to the next level.