Street Style Around the World


Street style is a popular culture that has spread globally over time. It is an expression of each individual’s personality and unique sense of fashion by combining different articles of clothing and accessories. The popularity of street style has grown to become a global fashion phenomenon, and in this post, we will explore different street styles seen around the world.

Asian Street Style

Japan’s street style is known for its colorful, eclectic, and avant-garde fashion. The most popular style among Japanese fashion enthusiasts is the Harajuku style. The style includes an array of bright colors, bold patterns, and quirky pieces of clothing. In South Korea, K-fashion (Korean fashion) is trendy among the youth. The style is influenced by the country‚Äôs pop culture and celebrities. It is a mix of sleek yet effortless, edgy and youthful style.

European Street Style

Paris, Milan, and London are the fashion capitals of the world, known for their couture and high-end fashion. Street style in these cities is unique because it is a reflection of the city’s fashion capital status. In Paris, women are known for their elegant, minimalist style, while the Milanese are known for high-end fashion and bold statements. In London, street style is edgy and eclectic, with a mix of punk and vintage elements and unapologetic fashion statements.

American Street Style

Street style in America is a mix of different fashion genres. In New York City, people dress to impress, mixing high fashion with streetwear. The style is a blend of sophisticated and daring with a focus on comfort and practicality. In California, the vibe is more relaxed, laidback and effortless, incorporating vintage elements into modern styles. The style is a mix of bohemian, surfer, and beach culture.


Street style is a reflection of the zeitgeist of a city, a blend of cultures, and individuality. We hope this post gave you an overview of street style seen around the world.