Moscow Fashion Week

Discovering the Newest Trends in Moscow Fashion Week 2021

Moscow Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated fashion events in Russia and the world. Every year, designers from all over the country gather in Moscow to showcase their latest collections. In this year’s Moscow Fashion Week, held from April 21st to 26th, designers brought excitement and creativity to the runway.

COVID-19 Protocol

Due to the pandemic, the event was held with strict adherence to COVID-19 protocol. Face masks were mandatory, and the event was only open to a select few. However, the pandemic did not deter the creativity and enthusiasm of the designers. They used this opportunity to showcase their designs in a unique way.

Trends in Moscow Fashion Week 2021

The 2021 Moscow Fashion Week showcased a wide array of trends. Many of the designers used vibrant colors and bold prints to give the collections a striking look. Some of the most prominent trends were oversized coats and dresses, unique cuts and shapes, and embroidered designs. The designers drew inspiration from various sources, including art, culture, and nature. It was fascinating to see how their inspirations reflected in their designs and how they used unconventional materials to create their pieces.

Celebrity Appearances

Several celebrities graced the event, including Victoria Lopyreva, a Russian model and TV presenter, and actress/producer Kristina Asmus. The celebrities added glamour to the event, and their appearances created a buzz among the fashionistas present.


Moscow Fashion Week 2021 was a fantastic event that showcased the creativity and talent of Russian designers. Despite the pandemic, the designers used this opportunity to bring something new and unique to the runway. The event was a reminder that fashion and creativity can be a ray of hope in these challenging times.