Discover the Most Exclusive Fashion Stores in Moscow

Moscow’s Fashion Scene

Moscow is acclaimed for its fashion scene. With designer clothes and accessories, the city has become a Mecca for high-end shopping. Fashion-conscious individuals are spoilt for choice in Moscow as the city boasts numerous luxury stores that offer the latest trends and designs. From stunning boutiques to multi-level shopping centers, Moscow is a treasure trove for fashion connoisseurs.

Exclusive Fashion Stores in Moscow

If you want to explore Moscow’s fashion world, hit the following fashion stores:

Gum Department Store

Gum, located at Red Square, is Russia’s largest department store. It boasts high-end, luxury brands from all over the world. With its unique architecture and rich history, GUM provides Moscow’s tourists and locals with the ultimate shopping experience.

Tsum Luxury Department Store

Tsum, situated opposite Bolshoi Ballet and Theater, is another Moscow’s largest luxury department store. This store offers exclusive collections from the world’s leading fashion brands, making it a preferred choice for the fashion-forward individuals in Moscow.

Mason Luxury Multibrand Store

Mason is a multi-brand store that features an array of designer brands like Dolce & Gabanna, Balenciaga, and Off-White. This store is an incredible destination for fashionistas looking for the hottest trends and styles.

Azimuth Watch Company Salon

Located in the heart of Moscow, Azimuth Watch Company Salon is an incredible store that deals in luxury watches. With its magnificent interiors, the salon is a unique experience and provides some of the best timepieces in the world.

Kuznetsky Most 20

Kuznetsky Most 20 is a luxury multi-brand store boasting various designer collections. The store features collections from over 200 brands like Prada, Chanel, and Gucci, making it a haven for high-end fashion.


If you are planning a trip to Moscow, make sure to visit these stores and explore Moscow’s fashion vibe. These stores will provide you with a fashion experience that you will never forget. Stay fashion-forward and explore the most exclusive fashion stores that Moscow has to offer.